Residential cleaning

All detergents we use when we clean are 100% biogradable and organic/ecologic

Basic cleaning

Includes such as airing fabrics, dusting, vacuuming, wet-mopping, wiping open exterior surfaces in your home and performing hygienic cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms and cleaning of floor drains. Contact us for a complete list of what Basic Cleaning includes and ask for a free quote!

Deep cleaning

A basic cleaning with extra cleaning tasks, for example cleaning and descaling dishwasher laundrymachine, clean oven, deep-clean fridge and freezer, removing build-ups in bathroom and kitchen. You can customize the deep clean to best fit you and your accomodation. Contact us for more information.

Special Request Cleaning

We can provide cleaning services other then basic and deep cleaning, according to special requests, for example cleaning after construction work and renovation. Among more services like house inspections etc. Contact us for further talks.

Laundry service

Extra optional service for our residential cleaning customers where we provide bedlinen and towels and manage laundry of those as well as the making of beds. Perfect to combine with a basic cleaning for a turn-over between guests. If requested we can manage additional laundry according to separate pricelist.