Core values

- professionalism and compassion!

We regard a good cleaning, as a cleaning that is well communicated and planned, that is performed methodically and with knowledge, understanding of and commitment to both cleaning and the specific cleaning assignment.

In our private lives we are very interested in health, and a clean environment is known to be positive for both mental and physical health. To achieve a clean environment for us is also about trying to create the least negative impact on the global environment while performing our services.

We are a small business, but we believe every action matters, and we try contribute best we can to a more sustainable world in what ways we can. Two examples of that are that we recycle the waste created when performing our services and we pay extra attention to our use of detergents, in order to avoid unnecessarily exposing ourselves, the clients and the environment to harmful chemical compounds. Misuse and overuse of detergents that are toxic and corrosive such as chlorine- or ammonia-based detergents, or endocrine disruptive such as triclosan, is a well known and serious global health and environmental problem. That is why we avoid using products with chlorine, ammonia and triclosan, and instead use detergents that are significantly less harmful for human health and the environment.

We also avoid using detergents with syntethic fragrances, since that is linked to both adverse health effects such as exzema and asthma, and environmental pollution. We are proud to say that all of our detergents for residential cleaning is 100% biodegradable and organic/ecologic . In the end, the detergent is a tool for cleaning, not the cleaning in it self.

We actively strive to perform cleaning services lead by both professionalism and compassion, with the goal to achieve a hygienic and healthy clean residence where we show extra care for details for a nice finish!

If you or your customers are dissatisfied with our services, we would like for you to contact us as soon as possible, so we can try and resolve the issue. Thank you!